How A Super Woman Can Become A Super Follow

How A Super Woman Can Become A Super Follow

You’ve discovered dancing, and you love it! So empowering, beautiful, and MUCH bigger than something you can create on your own!

Become a Super Follow

Then it hits you: “Wait, what? I have to involve another person? And they’re going to make the decisions? Do you know who I am? I’m superwoman! I make stuff happen!” If you are like me, this was a very real (and very regular) thought process when I first began ballroom dancing.

The good news? As my abilities grew, so did my understanding of following as an art form. Here are a few of the key discoveries I’ve made along the way:

  • First, partnership dancing is a team sport. The lead and follow each have a role they play. They are meant to work together and enjoy it!
  • Second, deciding to be a good follow does not mean relinquishing control. Quite the opposite, actually. When I focused less on my partner’s job, I realized I had plenty to keep me busy, as I decided quite a few things: my position, my reach, and quite often my response to the lead.
  • My third discovery came as a bit of a relief: I actually enjoyed following! Nothing is cooler than moving in sync with another person. I felt beautiful, empowered, and happy when I followed something exquisitely. This feeling came with time, as did the ability to relax.
  • Lastly, partnership dancing is a nonverbal conversation. The gentleman asks a clear question, and the lady eloquently responds. It doesn’t matter who starts the conversation if you understand one another, right?

Now picture yourself responding lightly and precisely no matter who your partner is while focusing on making your partner feel confident leading you. You are in charge of what you bring to each partnership. A super follow can allow their feet to get caught up in a good nonverbal conversation! So enjoy the partnership, whether it lasts two minutes, or 20 years!


Written by: Tina from Arthur Murray North Seattle
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